Proposals is a project organized by David Horvitz that is currently being displayed on the outside wall of the gallery. 

Horvitz has asked his friends to propose art or exhibition ideas, which are then hung like a community bulletin board advertising odd jobs. These proposals are also being sent out on a email announcement list. To receive these announcements write to with the subject “subscribe to proposals.” An artist book will be made at the completion of the project. For information about specific proposals contact the artists directly.

As new proposals are hung, the names of the artists will be posted here. As of now, the artists in Proposals include:

Vlatka Horvat
Emily Mast
Julia Weist
Marie Lorenz
Giuseppe Licari (Spaghetti Forever)
Marley Freeman
Koos Dalstra and Marion Van Wijk
Lukas Geronimas
Tonik Wojtyra
Joe Bun Keo
Clara Halpern / The Center for Short-lived Phenomena
Paul Branca
Alice Ladenburg
Triin Tamm
Anne Lai
Cameron MacLeod
Angie Waller

Click here to read Horvitz's invitation email to his friends.